Caroline Lingwood

Mixed Media Artist


Transience -    The state or fact of lasting only for a short time .

Fragility      -    The quality of being delicate or vulnerable .

Ephemeral -     Having a very short life cycle

Memory     -     The length of time over which a person or event continues to be remembered .

Decay        -     Gradual decrease in the magnitude of a physical quantity .

Vestige       -     A mark, trace, or visible evidence of something that is no longer present or in          

                         existence .


My work is informed by an interest in the ideas of memory, fragility, transience and the vestiges of  existence . Influenced by 18th  Century Dutch landscape and still life painting and the idea of Nature Morte, capturing and preserving the ephemeral in its varying stages of growth, bloom and decay, my perception of beauty deepening and strengthening as time passes, with the realisation of human mortality, its transient, vulnerable and fragile nature - memories as a vestige of a life.


I am fascinated by the idea of the curiosity cabinet, victorian collectors of the strange and unusual and the housing of these precious objects, be it to elevate, protect or simply display items. I often  enclose my work in antique domes or bespoke perspex display boxes, with hand painted backdrops reminiscent of taxidermy cases, creating an intriguing, unique environment, which can alter the viewers perceived idea of the value or status of an object.


I employ a muted palette but a wide variety of techniques and materials including, porcelain, paper, paint, photography, textiles, silver and found objects, incorporating printed and scanned script and photographs - a vestige of that which is no longer present .



Caroline Lingwood is a multi-disciplinary artist specialising in painting and mixed media sculpture, graduating from Goldsmiths, University of London with a BA Hons Degree in fine art textiles.

Caroline works from her home studio in rural Surrey and from her gallery studio Lingwood Samuel at 12 Church Street in Godalming, Surrey which she runs jointly with sculptor Margaret Samuel, putting on 4 - 5 mixed exhibitions a year, showcasing their and other artists work.

Her work includes mixed media sculpture, painting and collage and she runs occasional workshops from the gallery.